Fast Weeks and Financial Freedom

Ever have one of those weeks that just seems to drag on and on forever? I haven’t had many of those lately.. :P. It seems like only yesterday it was the weekend.. The week days just seem to fly by SO fast.. I wake up in the morning, fly through some of my stuff, work with Ted on a few of his projects, eat lunch, work a bit more, off to Basketball.. back home.. finish up some stuff.. bed.. then I start it all over again. Not that I don’t enjoy every minute of it.. it just seems to fly by like a cheetah in a sports car ;).

Wow.. my time in Oregon is really winding down.. Here’s a picture of me enjoying a walk in the weather! : )

Its been a really great experience for me so far, especially these past few days. I’ve learned a LOT about marketing and I’m finally starting to take what I’ve learned and apply it to my own life. Know what’s really cool about it? I’m finally seeing results.. I’m finally feeling what its like to be closer and closer to financial freedom.

Financial freedom.. what a phrase.. that’s one you see plastered alll over the place. This course here, this seminar there, this product here, this, that, those, them.. there are things all over the place that are screaming for your attention.. and so often they all seem empty.

You can ask person after person if they want to be financially free and more often than not, the answer is yes. People want it.. but are they willing to work for it?

“With an investment of only 97 dollars you can be financially free with just a CLICK of a button!”..

..What’s all that about? That’s someone preying on the fact that people want the easy way out. People don’t want to have to do something crazy and actually work for something.. naww.. that’s rediculous. They want it handed to them..

..That’s what I was like a few years ago :).

I was all fired up about “financial freedom” and I was ready for it. I had all these incredible ideas about how I was going to spend all the money and even some ideas about how I’d make it. Somehow I thought it was that simple.. I didn’t take into account that being financially free is one of the hardest things you can ever accomplish.

Most people won’t make it.. They get all fired up about it and maybe even take a few steps.. Then they lose their motivation.. They find out that there’s actually some work involved, and they give it up.

One of the big things I’ve learned is that being financially free is a lot like becoming an “overnight success”.. it takes years of planning :). Naw, that doesn’t mean it has to take you years to become free, it just means that there is a LOT involved. So much of it is a mindset.. You have to think differently, you have to see things in a different light, you have to look for things in different places. Many of us just aren’t raised in that mindset. I was very fortunate to have a mother who always encouraged me to learn and who encouraged me to develop the entrepreneurial mindset. Many of us don’t have that blessing and have to first unlearn a lot of what we’ve been fed all our lives.

I have a sincere and very deep respect for those who overcome the obstacles and make it. I’ve been so very blessed with the opportunities I’ve had and the people I’ve met.. its crazy. Many people don’t have that and they have to learn all this stuff on their own, the hard way. You guys really are awesome :).

Mmm.. well.. I do believe its time for me to get some sleep :). Hope you guys have an awesome weekend!

-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Steps:

Working with Ted to brainstorm some new products and building the basic foundation of a full fledged marketing campaign :).