First day in LA

And now the end of my first day in LA! Its been a long one and a great one!

I slept in till a whopping 10 AM this morning, so much for up at 5 ;). My girlfriend called me around 6 or so and we talked for awhile before she headed off for the day.. I can barely remember what we talked about, I just distinctly remember waking up and only not being grumpy ‘cuz it was her ;).

Aimee (I’ve got her name right this time) spent a lot of time in town today and so I spent most of my time catching up on business. I put a bunch of work into Hostingfrog this afternoon and FINALLY got a list of all my clients ready and sent it on over to Derek for adding into our billing software.

Talked with Daniel, a young man I did some CSS work for awhile back. He’s buying me a REALLY nice headset in return and he got that taken care of on this afternoon. Go Daniel! Thanks buddy! :)

I spent some time on my favorite homeschooling website at ! They’ve got a ton of awesome things over there, the biggest deal being that its a community of homeschoolers who are a LOT like me. What’s that mean? Well.. we’re all crazy and we love it :). I feel like I’m completely at home over there, its great! I spent some time there this evening and I plan to go back tomorrow night and hang out for awhile, maybe do some creative writing!

Tomorrow I’m gonna have to figure out my church situation, that should be interesting! I’ll check around for local churches and see how things go :).

I talked with my brother this evening and helped him out with his new website project.. He’s doing a VERY nice job! He asked for my help and then said he’d show me he was serious and I could decide from there whether or not I would help. He designed an awesome navigation bar and I’m going to help him convert the site to PHP and CSS later on :).

Alright, now I’m gonna go ahead and get ready for bed. I don’t have a bed setup in here yet so I’ll get rolling on that and if I don’t do that tonight, there’s always tomorrow :).

Goodnight world!


Daily Action Step:

Just getting things up and rolling.. working on Hostingfrog.. updating my personal site at Good stuff :).