Get Rid of Mold

Well there’s an interesting topic.. nothing like starting out the morning by writing about mold ;). Well, I like mold! I like mold because mold has become a strong source of income for me over the past couple of months.

Its definitely not a niche for everyone, and that’s ok. As mold itself goes, I really can’t stand the stuff. It gets in the air, it gets people sick, and in some cases, it can be fatal. My mom suggested I make a website about mold a little over 5 months ago. I took her up on that. I did some research, spent a few hours throwing a site together and, within just a few weeks, it was making a small but steady stream of income.

I moved on since then, working on other projects, building new websites, developing existing sites, and just learning tons of new stuff. My little mold site is still alive and kicking, consistently bringing in those few dollars every single day.

I learned a valuable lesson in my experience with mold.

One of the first few things that crossed my mind when mom suggested it was.. “That wouldn’t work!”.. Well, after sitting down and just getting myself to build the site, waiting a couple of weeks, and then seeing the results, I’ve learned something..

When you’ve found a market, you have NO right to ‘decide’ whether or not they’d be interested in what you have to offer.

“Nobody would care about my little mold site..” – Well, 5 months and a significant amount of money later, that’s wrong. People do care. I won’t know until I give them the chance to care.

I learned that its much better to go for something and see little to no results than NOT go for it and just ‘decide’ it wouldn’t work. That decision is usually just a very thinly veiled excuse.

So! I’m getting to work this morning, building a new site about mold, which I’ll be releasing soon! If anyone else is interested in getting involved in the ‘mold’ niche, let me know :). I’m always looking for good content writers or product creators.. *smiles*..

Have an awesome new day!