Going Into Debt

The niche.. that is ;). Today I’ve put a bunch of hard work into launching the newest site in my digital empire, a blog about debt. Check it out at debtblogging.com!

A couple of things to note about this niche is that its VERY very competitive. I didn’t really even realize how competitive it was until after I launched the site :). I’m not worried about it, its competitive for a reason. Debt is a very serious topic that impacts a LARGE portion of American Citizens (and people around the world).

I’m launching the debt blog with a series of exclusive articles for content and over the next few weeks I’ll be putting together content myself as I look for someone to work with to run the blog in the future.

A few extra debt sites will be going live over the next few days.. nothing spectacular just yet, just a few more sites in the debt niche to push the borders of my digital empire :).

Check out the debt blog!