Goodbye June.. It Is Now July!

Wow.. its July! I’ve made it too July! Woohoo! July 2005.. Who’da thought :).

I’m pretty excited, Matt and I have been working our butt’s off on Paulie’s projects and on our own. Today Matt and I decided to take some serious steps and get started building mini sites and selling affiliate products.

Within a few hours of setting up his first site.. Matt made his first affiliate sale on the site, selling over 230 euros worth of product!! He got a beautiful 10% commission on that and.. yeah.. we were both excited :).

So THAT was enough to convince us both that this was very serious stuff. We did a bit of research and we’ve found a couple of strong niches that we’re going to take on over the next few days. Its really exciting stuff ;).

Matt and I are getting ready to have a book written for us for one of our niches. You’d never guess what it is.. *smiles*.. I’ll give you guys a free copy when it comes out and it’ll knock your socks off ;).

Matt’s foot is healing.. there’s still a VERY nasty bruise, but its getting better. He wanted to play basketball today! HA.. not happening!

I’m getting ready to go visit mom any day now.. the baby is coming! I’m really excited and I really hope its a girl ;). They decided to skip the ultrasound, so we won’t know until she’s born! (Notice the “she”..).. I’ll still be JUST as happy if its a boy. A girl would just be an awesome bonus, hehe.

July is going to be a huge month. Just wait and see.

And really, enough from me.. Josiah Mackenzie got a haircut! He had a really sweet fro and now its all gone. He still looks great though! ;). So now, here I am.. one of the last survivors with crazy hair.. I’ll have to show you guys a picture soon so you can see. Its quite crazy, hehe.

That’s it from my little world.. for now. Goodnight!

-Jonathan Wold

Highlight of my day:

Susie made an absolutely AWESOME vegetarian lasagna today! It’s gone on my list of top 10 meals EVER.. I dunno if it was just ‘cuz I was so hungry or what, but MAN was that good. Thanks Susie! You’re awesome!