Happy Anniversary!

Just a few minutes before I head off to bed, I wanted to do a tiny bit of writing :). Today is, ready for it? The 29th month anniversary of my dear girlfriend and I. We’ve been together for 29 months! She’s meant soo much to me over the years and helped me through so many things. Its been an honor getting to know her, growing close to her, and the both of us growing up together, even if it seems slowly at times ;). I love you so very much my dear! :)..

And with that, the day’s wrapped up! I wound up settling on cleaning and doing some work on the Youthcove Membership Application.. We’ll see how that works out over the next few days. If there are any experts in PHP out there who’d be up for helping me out with it, I’d greatly appreciate it!

Tomorrow’s a new day! We shall see what it brings! :)

-Jonathan Wold