Happy Thanksgiving!

I have so much to be thankful for :). Just got back from packing up the car for my extended weekend trip to spend Thanksgiving with some really good friends/adopted family of mine! It is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL November day outside.. and uh wow..


Really really cold! Just a few days ago we had a nice blanket of snow and it was warmer then than it is NOW. My poor little car doesn’t have any heat in it right now either.. my poor car? My poor hands! Its my fault though.. I should have had it fixed already!

Ah well.. I’m thankful that I have a means of transportation.. it would be a LOT worse if I had to walk in that weather ;).

And so just taking a moment here to wish all of you guys an awesome Thanksgiving! Thanks for putting up with me over the years, for sticking around and sharing in my adventures. Thanks for getting to know me better and for giving me the chance to know you.. You guys have made a huge difference in my life :).

May you all be warm and cheerful! I look forward to talking with you guys when I get back! Have an awesome day :).

-Jonathan Wold