Healthy Food Tips

Nothing like taking a quick work break to launch a site ; ). This little baby took about 20 minutes to finish up. My secret? Instead of building it myself, I worked with someone else! In this case, this particular site is the handiwork of Jeff Usher. I’ll be sharing more about that as I get the chance. Meanwhile, enjoy the goodness! I’ll take another break later on in the month and add more content on in to it. Here’s an excerpt from the site:

The question of what foods are healthy can often be quite a difficult one to answer. The research often seems to be in conflict, the studies that say a particular food is great for you one day often turn around and warn against that very food the next day. Sorting through all this clutter to find the real deal on nutrition and what foods are healthy can be difficult.

Dietary fads seem to come and go on an alarmingly regular basis as well. The low fiber high fat diets of yesterday give way to low fat low protein diets, and the wheel just keeps rolling, with too little thought given to what foods are healthy.

Check it out in all its glory and pick up some healthy food tips over at

Off to keep working on a big day!

-Jonathan Wold