I dislike sleeping in..

I really do! It seems that I fluctuate in my sleeping habits from time to time, and lately I’ve been pulling a lot of late nighters. I could blame my girlfriend here on this one, but I won’t ;). I love talking to her and once we start talking at night time, its hard to stop! That’s not the main reason I’ve been up late though. It just seems that one thing has led to another.. like just as I’ll be finished up for the night, someone will bring up some important issue or another and I’ll end up sitting back down and spending 20-30 minutes with them talking it through. I definitely don’t mind, infact I enjoy it, I love talking with people.. the catch, though, is that if I get to bed after 11 PM, getting up at 4:30 is kinda rough.

Now, getting up at 4:30 is awesome! As soon as I’m up, I head off to a shower. ‘Bout 15-20 minutes and I’m done.. I end on ice cold water and suddenly I’m completely awake. Then another 30 minutes or so reading and having my personal devotions and I’m ready to start the day!

The amazing then about starting your day at 5:30 is how much you can get DONE before noon! Its an awesome feeling having your list all swiped off before lunch rolls around, it really is! Even if its NOT all done, you’re going to have accomplished a lot :).

..hmm.. I’m hungry!.. *gets up and checks on food*..

And so.. 2 and a half hours later.. after having a really nice vegetarian, organic supper, a LONG and really good talk with Amae about health food, vegetarian, spreading the word, and so on.. and then a really long and really good talk with my girlfriend.. its now past midnight!

I tell ya.. if its not one thing, its another ;).

So, I’m going to talk about vegetarianism for a moment!

For those of you who didn’t know or hadn’t guessed, I’m a vegetarian. Infact, I’ve never even TASTED meat. There was one incident where I had a bite of fish a few years ago, but that was neither here nor there. I was very young and was convinced that it would help me get over my sickness.. :P. Other than that, I’ve never had a bite of meat in my entire life.

People hear that and they’re shocked… “How is that possible?!”.. “How are you ALIVE?”.. The latter is always funny.. many people assume that ‘cuz I don’t eat meat, I must not be healthy!

Quite the opposite. Alright.. I’m going to stop here ;). I’m not about to turn this into a conversion piece. The point I would like to make, instead.. is that..

You MUST take good care of yourself!

I see so many people out there, knowingly hurting themselves with the things that they do, the food they eat, the things they drink. They say its fine, it doesn’t bother them.. well.. yeah, when you’re young, its harder to tell. I think what they’re missing is knowing what its like when you’re TRULY healthy! That energy that you feel after a meal, instead of wanting to just sleep.. that energy you feel when you wake up each morning.. the clarity of mind you have.. your ability to think clearly.. ALL of that is CLOSELY related with how well you take care of yourself.

For me, that means watching the things that I eat. When I KNOW something does me absolutely no good, why would I willingly force my body to deal with it? How can I expect my body to do its best for me if I don’t take care of it?

Alright.. this body needs some sleep ;). Off I go.. BIG day tomorrow!

-Jonathan Wold

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