I feel like blogging!

Yes I do! It’s just past 5 PM and today is winding down slowly. I haven’t decided how I’m going to finish off the night yet.. but there’s still time ;). I’m going between doing some cleaning, working on building a new template for a series of niche sites I’m launching, or spending time on Youthcove. There’s an application system that needs some serious attention, and the new YC Blog has some work that needs to get done this week.

While I figure that out.. I’ve gotta share a little bit about yesterday. Yesterday was a monster of a day, and not in a particularly good way!

It all started getting serious right around noon, just as the Youthcove Team Meeting was underway. 15 minutes into it and suddenly my internet went down. No comments. No clue as to what was wrong. Just down. A few minutes went by and I wasn’t able to get it workly. I gave my good friend Dave, one of the members at the meeting, a quick call and let him know what was up.

Then, laptop to save the day! I fired it up and after a few minutes of being ornery, I was back online. I went to check on my desktop and.. the oddest thing happened.. I was back online, but suddenly several keys on my keyboard weren’t working! Without any real reason, the h, o, q, l, 2, and 9, just stopped working! I rebooted a couple of times and tried a bunch of different things, but nothing! Just gone!

Well, things weren’t shaping up all that well ;). The team pressed on and continued the meeting without me. With about 8 minutes left, I gave up on the desktop and joined on in with the laptop. We finished up the meeting and started doing our afterwards talking. One minute into that and boom.. internet went down again, not to return till about an hour later.

And then..

My server went down! Again, pretty much no reason, just suddenly it was down. Boom. Half of the websites I have and a bunch of my clients and friends sites were suddenly offline. Not cool! Took about 5 hours for that one to get taken care of. Talk about a serious dent in your revenue for the day!

I wound up ending the evening by dropping close to $200 into a brand new server, which my good friend Joshua Mitchener is going to be helping me set up over the next few days. I’ve kinda had it with the old one, its been good to me, but just far too many problems over the past few months. Time to get ’em taken care of :).

So it was quite a day yesterday! I think the biggest thing for me was just making it through. Things happen.. You just do your best with them :). I got a pretty stressed out and if it weren’t for the support of some of the awesome people in my life, I’d have been a mess ;). Its times like that when its so important to appreciate those around you. To appreciate the people who’ve got your back and who support you when life throws nasty stuff your way. Thanks to all of you :).

And so here we are back in today.. I just got back from a late lunch with a good friend of mine, Casey! We spent time together talking about what he’s been up too and what I’ve been up too. Casey is a serious real estate guy right now, which is some pretty hot stuff for only being 24 years old! He’s starting to do really well!

My good friend and mentor Paulie Sabol checked in from Panama this morning. He’s down there attending a business event and just generally enjoying the weather ;). Paulie shared a really exciting opportunity with me for early next month, which if it goes through, I’ll be updating you guys on!

And that’s just about that for now ;). I’m off for a bit and we’ll see how the evening goes!