I really am doing a lot!

It’s a little past 1 AM and I realized that I hadn’t blogged.. in awhile. It puzzled me.. And as I finished brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed, I loaded up my blog and realized that it’s been over 5 days since I’ve written! Now, I’m not about to apologize for not writing.. I’m not like that and I don’t believe that any writer should be. I’m not even going to make an excuse, ‘cuz I don’t need too.. I just realized how extraordinarily buzy I’ve been staying! We won’t get into the whole thing about whether or not my time is being spent on the 20% that makes 80% of the difference or vice versa (whoops.. did we just get into it?.. *grins*..).. the fact remains that I’ve been very very busy.

It’s been a lot of good stuff too! We had a Youthcove team meeting this Sunday which went well! I’ve had a lot of stress in my life over this past week.. projects that have been hitting their due dates and needing my attention, challenges in my own personal relationships, and then just the general ups and downs that come with being a 19 year old entrepreneur :).

Today was a really good day. I recieved my American Express Blue credit card in the mail today and that was very exciting! I put together a few deals that are going to move forward a bunch of my personal web projects, which was very exciting. Ok, that was vague.. I decided that I wanted to build 50 minisites in a bunch of different niches and since I don’t have the time to do it myself, I’m going to invest in having my awesome younger brother build them for me. I can help him make some money up front by paying him for each site he builds, I can save myself a bunch of time which allows me to focus my energy elsewhere, and I can get the sites built! That was exciting :). Next, I’ll be buying another 100 domains.. *whistles*..

..Ya know, being a vegetarian can really bring about some interesting situations..

I was eating lunch at Ruby Tuesday’s this afternoon and, over the course of conversation with those at the table, our orders were placed. Mine was somehow missed and a half hour later, when everyone else had their food and I didn’t, it was brought to our waitresses attention and she promptly took my order for a “Maranara Burger.” Well.. 10 minutes later, there it was and boy was I hungry. I took a bite, swallowed, subconsciously observed that the burger looked a little funny, was somewhat amazed at how they had gotten the red sauce ‘inside’ the burger, and then swallowed. Two more bites later, I asked.. “Is this meat?”.

And so I had my first taste of beef. Bleh :P.

People find it amazing that I’ve ‘never had meat’. Its not a big deal to me. Well, guess I can’t say ‘never’ anymore ;).

And with that, its 1:30. I think its time for this kid to get some rest.. I think I need to take some pictures soon! I feel that since the majority of income from my blog is made through hair related product sales (try a search for it ;), I should probably post some hair related pictures! My hair is really quite wild now ;). Yeah, I’ll work on that.

Alright.. off to bed I go! Got some cool stuff planned for the rest of the week and sleep has deemed itself a necessity prior to said coolness taking place.

Goodnight World!

-Jonathan Wold