I’m alive!

Hey everyone! Thanks for all the emails and for checking up on me over the past few months! I don’t think I’ve ever gone this long without a blog update!
I’ve had a LOT happen over the past two months and in this little update I’m not quite ready to go into all that ;). I’ve done a good bit of traveling since I last posted, as I’m sure you guys could guess. I’ve spent the past few weeks with my family as they’re in the process of getting things packed up and ready to move. Daniel, my 9 month old little brother, is doing awesome! He’s a smiling, laughing, crawling, happy little bundle of joy.. He’s the best ;).

Alright, so without going into everything there are some things I can tell you guys. In the past two months I have done next to nothing in niche marketing. All of my business ventures have been on hold. Sometimes you’ve just gotta do what you’ve gotta do. I’ve finished up the family project I initially left so suddenly for. I plan to stay with my family over the next few weeks, helping out where I can, as I decide where I’m heading off to next.

What about niche marketing?

Well, time will tell ;). I’ve got some new niche marketing projects up my sleeves and a new way of thinking about this whole “internet business” thing. All to often we niche marketers forget the “business” part of it : ). I’ll be sharing my thoughts with you guys and updates when the time is right.

Meantime, I invite you guys to check out the blog of my awesome friend Matt Geri. He’s been going through a lot in his life lately as well. Until I’m “back in the game” and even when I am, he’s got solid stuff and you can learn a lot from him. Keep it up Matt!

Also, keep an eye on the niche marketing forum over at marketingsyndrome.com. Bo Bang, another awesome friend of mine, frequents there and he’s without a doubt one of the best “niche marketers” I know. The forum is an awesome resource and so is Bo’s blog : ).

And that’s just about that. Thank you all once again for your support. I’ve been really blessed these past few weeks and the kind words and support you’ve all shared with me has been a big part of that blessing.

Keep up the good work and I do look forward to hearing from you all!

Take care and God bless! Until next time!

-Jonathan Wold