I’m.. so.. tired..

Actually.. I’m dog tired.. I can barely think :P. Matt and I have been working our butts off and WOW has it been a long week. Its been long, yet it seems to have only lasted a few days. We’ve got a LOT of stuff done.

So.. I’m off for the weekend. Mom still hasn’t had the baby so I’m holding off from going down till I’m sure the baby’s coming ;).

So I’m going to head over to my friends house and off to church tomorrow. Then back to the ground running I go. Matt and I have a LOT to do.

Its been an awesome week! I’m getting ready to buy a brand new duffel bag.. I’m excited about it! I’ll be showing you guys as soon as its ordered ;).

Alright.. off I go. Have an awesome weekend!

-Jonathan Wold