5 thoughts on “In transition ;)

  1. jonathan

    Hey Wilco! :)

    It’s something I’ve been putting off doing for awhile. I’ve got a number of reasons ;). The biggest challenge to my switching was how unfriendly WordPress used to be with Blogger. There would have been a lott of work involved in migrating all my posts and comments over. WordPress 2.0 did a great job of handling it all :).

    WordPress gives me a LOT more control over layout with plugins and all that other fun stuff. It also allows for multiple users, which is something I’m going to be working with in the very near future :).

    We’ll see what the search engines think about it! ;)..


  2. Carl Knowles

    I was reading through your old blog posts the other day (dont ask!) and you’d said you were planning on doing it way back in October or something last year, wondered why you hadn’t ;) Looks good though!


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