Incredible day and incredible people

Today has been absolutely incredible :). I got a late start last night, didn’t make it to bed until just after midnight.. and it looks like I’ll be getting to bed a bit late tonight as well, and that’s ok :). I got started at 6:30 this morning. Woke up, cold shower, worship, breakfast, and I was rolling!

Got a bunch of stuff done with Amae’s site and when I got stumped I went on over to the forums at sitepoint and within hours they’d helped me figure out my CSS troubles :).

Then I got to work on my finances! After putting it off for MONTHS I sat down and just focused.. it took a lott.. I got discourage with the excel sheets I had going on.. I searched for alternatives, played with templates.. and finally decided to make my own. I thought about what I NEEDED and then sketched it out on paper. After that I spent a few hours drafting it together and I’ve gotta say.. I’m very pleased with it. Once I’ve refined it a bit more and tested it, I’m planning to release it to see what others think of it :). Anyone interested?

The challenge in creating a money management system was to NOT just create another budget document! I don’t NEED a budget, in that way.. I need a solid way of keeping track of my finances, of knowing where I stand at the end of each and every month and a way of being able to plan for the next few months. With my first draft, I’ve achieved that.. we’ll see how it works for me :).

I had a couple of really amazing things happen today..

The highlight was meeting Mark Klint of We had a really good talk throughout the afternoon and into the evening. He showed me a bunch of absolutely amazing work. Mark has a very strong devotion to his work and produces some incredible stuff. He’s a very talented guy, well versed in digital art, flash, programming, music, linguistics, and more. I’m honored to meet him and proud to call him a friend.

..I’ve got a big project coming up :).. can’t say much about it yet and perhaps not at all, but its big.. I’ll be working out the details within the next few weeks and getting a good idea as to whether or not I’m going to go through with it.. Its extremely exciting and I’m not sure if I can pull it off.. we’ll see ;).

So all and all, today was a VERY powerful day! I did learn something valuable about “time management” and making lists.. I put too much on my plate..

Last night as I made my list, I put way too much stuff on it.. just wayy to much. I got a TON done today but not all of it. So I’m going to be more conservative tonight.. and then more concrete about how I spend my time. I’ve setup a reward for myself.. if I get done by a set time, I’m going to start working on a story :). Not sure what it’s gonna be about yet, but I’m going to give it a shot.. Writing is something I really truly enjoy so it’ll be a way of rewarding myself AND encouraging my creative development.

and I both did very well with our accountable idea today. I started the “prime time” post and we both followed up with it. Looking forward to tomorrow :). Be sure to check out his blog.. He’s had some VERY interesting stuff happen lately :).

Also, check out Scott’s blog, he’s had some very unexpected events transpire and he’s making some changes in his life.

That’s just about that for tonight! :).

-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Step:

FINALLY mapping out my finances! :)!