Into the Mind of a 19 Year Old

Today was a day of various frustrations, scattered throughout with a good helping of mid-size accomplishments. Not my choice of day, but I’ll take it :). I started off by waking up early, rising up on 6 hours of sleep so I’d be tired enough to make it to bed early tonight. So far, its working ;). Once I’m done blogging and I’ve picked tomorrow’s projects, it’ll be off to bed for me!

My frustrations involved several hours of lost work which really didn’t have to be lost to begin with.. You can read more about that by heading over to James Coombs‘ blog and seeing his take on the story ;). Poor James had to put up with me as I experienced my frustrations.

The end result of that experience was that I contacted a PHP programmer to have a script built for me which would automate the task I spent a few hours on. That’ll be a VERY handy thing to have and well worth the time it’ll save in the future. Its a bit sad it took me losing so much time to decide to have it built, but I’m glad it worked out! I’ll let you guys know how it goes :).

I finished off one of my old web design clients today, and began work on a project to help out my Uncle. A good friend of his is a professional home entertainment setup and installation guy and is working to get his business off the ground. I’m going to be talking with them about handling the internet side of things and creating a lead generation page for the business. Should be a fun and mostly pain free experience if it pans out. It’ll give me a chance to put my marketing abilities into practice and achieve some real world results. That’s always fun :).

I found a new favorite line of clothes! Check out prAna. They’ve got some cool stuff going on over there! I’ve decided to curb back on my spending habits for a couple of weeks and focus on rewarding myself when milestones are achieved. Having the money to spend doesn’t mean I should spend it, especially on things that I just ‘want’ :). This was a lesson I learned at a much younger age, what made it easier then was that I didn’t have a whole lot of extra money TO spend ;). So I’ve decided to turn my spending habits for things I ‘want’ into something positive and use it as a way of rewarding myself when I meet certain goals.

OH yeah.. I love Amazon Prime! I’m beginning to spend a heck of a lot more time on Amazon now that I dropped the $79 bucks and made the switch! Its great stuff! I’m going to be studying a lot more of what they do over their on Amazon and learning from it. If you haven’t checked out Amazon prime yet, you should give it a go ;). It can become addictive!

And that’s just about that.. I’m off to bed and a powerful new day tomorrow! Youthcove is going to be getting some serious attention from me this week.. We’ve got things to launch!

Goodnight World!