Joint Venture Brokering and Root Canals

Yup ;). Today I watched, listened, and learned, as Paulie Sabol explained Joint Venture Brokering to a young man named Casey, in one of our favorite Chinese Buffets.

As you know, I’ve said that there are only TWO ways to make money online, driving traffic and converting traffic. Well.. now the advanced stuff..

There is a third way to make money online.

Its called Joint Venture Brokering. In my upcoming article I’ll be explaining what that’s all about. In the meantime, the idea is this.. As a JV Broker, you act as the middle man, you CONNECT those who are driving traffic, to those who are converting traffic. There’s a lot more involved and I’m looking forward to sharing it :).

And in the meanntiime.. I’m getting a root canal tomorrow! :(

I’m really bummed about it.. With all my traveling I wound up avoiding the dentist for OVER a year and when I finally noticed that I had a cavity on one my back teeth, I went in to a dentist and got hit with two options.. “Either we can take the tooth out.. or we can do a root canal”… Whaa?!.. I just wanted the cavity gone! Well.. after doing some dentist searching this morning, I found and scheduled an appointment for.. tomorrow.

Wish me luck and.. make SURE that you don’t put off getting your teeth taken care of! 19 with a root canal is NO fun at all!

Have an awesome evening! : )