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Search engines are really something else.. I just checked my stats and I found that I’ve had 16 people visit my site looking for.. of all things.. “Jonathan Hair Products”. Last I checked I didn’t have any.. I DO have a lot of hair though ;).

Among the other top referrers are.. “Anna Nalick”.. “Jonathan Beverly Hills”.. “Flame Text”.. and.. last but definitely not least, “Girls Gone Wold”.

Other interesting draws of traffic are:

miss wold 2005 – Hmm.. this is one of those ones where they must be obviously disappointed to find me. One look at my picture and they are clearly on the wrong site ;).

steps to becoming an entrepreneur – Ahh.. now ya know? That’s more like it. Not sure if they found what they were looking for but maybe that’s because I haven’t figured out all the steps myself yet ;).

economic strategy game villager – Ok.. this one lost me. The first two words, I could sorta relate too.. The last two? Naw, not working with me.. Anyone else figure this out?

taking things seriously – Hmm.. Well that’s something I’ve definitely done and said before. I wonder what they were looking for..

the story of the starfish – That’s one of my more recent posts ;). It was an awesome story I heard not long ago and just had to retell it.

jonathan hair blog – Hmm.. I really didn’t think this blog was about my hair. That’d be pretty sad ;). Perhaps they were looking for a guy with the last NAME of “hair”.. Wow, that’d be rough.

becoming an awesome girlfriend – Alright now.. last I checked I wasn’t an expert on becoming an awesome girlfriend. Certainly no one has ever told me that I’m an awesome girlfriend.. I sure hope nobody does :P.

vegeterianism – I wrote an essay on Vegetarianism once :). I am a vegetarian, incase you guys hadn’t guessed ;).

weird guy singing – Hey now.. come on. Just because I enjoy singing..

effects of sleeping long hours – Ok, this is one I’m definitely not familiar with. I do understand the effects of NOT sleeping long hours quite well though.. Perhaps Matt knows about this one ;)..

And finally, I get hits for good friends of mine, including:

josiah mackenzie
matt geri
adam gaynor
donna fox

And I do believe that’s that! The rest is just really weird ;).

How did you find my site? Yeah.. you ;).

Goodnight World!

-Jonathan Wold

18 thoughts on “Jonathan’s Hair Products

  1. Diane

    Jonathan, I seen you on QVC with Lisa Roberson and loved the show. I want to try some of your products, like the Dirt. How can I obtain your products? Are you going to be selling them on QVC soon?


  2. Anonymous


    Us ladies here in Columbus Ohio would love to buy your products but it seems that the store that carries your product here did not get it… hoo there have been thousands of us from what the sales girl told me looking for your products…Can you check it out and help get it here….??
    Love you and the show congrats to you and your lady.
    And how do I book an appt to have YOU do my hair……???


  3. leah

    Jonathen I am an Aprentice hairdresser in Australia you are a true inspiration for hairdressers all over the world would love to try your products is their any chance you would travel here to do a hair show

  4. Linda Smith

    Hello, I am a therapist in Tulsa Oklahoma… I stumbled onto your show last year.. and have been waiting to see a new season. I love what you do , and I am so interested in you and how you came to be YOU. Your baby, sister, and wonderful soul-mate.. all seem so special to you. I just wanted to say, Hello and you are doing great! Keep going for what you want… I know everyone seems to be pulling at you, but your like the Bill Gates Of the Hair’ so, You will ROCK… and sometimes, need to Roll with. Cheers from Oklahoma…. I would so love to get your products or have ANYone in your salon do my hair… but with a therapist pay in Oklahoma… (I will just have to keep dreaming) See you next week on your show. Linda Smith, In Tulsa.

  5. luis vasquez

    Hello Jonathan,

    It is a honor to send this to you. My name is luis vasquez, I am a floral designer – entrepeuner and I opended my own floral boutique in ramona,ca. My partner and I have followed your story on bravo and thank you so much for putting it all out there. I understand the hardship and passion you have for hair. I have that same crazy force with floral, I love it and own it. Its like fashion, you can be hot or not. Each week I wait to see how your changeing the face in hair world. One day with gods blessing, I wish to conquer the floral industry. Step one was believeing, then opening our doors. Please continue to inspire with your gift. One day Teunis Floral Designs will grow and I will give back as you have. Thanks again for the hope!
    Luis Vasquez Teunis Floral Designs ” floral with a unique flair”

  6. Lisa

    Been watching your show for quite a while now…I appreciate how you invite the world into yours so openly and honestly. I am sure that is one of the attributes that makes you so very successful! My partner and I will be opening our acupuncture office within the next few months. Although its an entirely different field, you inspire us to have faith in our vision and take risks! We watch you, especially in your therapy sessions on “Blow Out” and are amazed by your depth, honesty and willingness to “throw the Truth out there and wait with childlike anticipation for what will be returned to you”! WOW! We’ve tried your products and LOVE them! Thank You for those as well. You have no idea how many different ways you touch people – perhaps someday you WILL and the speaking engagements, etc will become much easier for you! There is NO NEED to be “nervous and sweaty”…you’re awesome when you are JUST YOU….sans the worry over how things will go, how you will look, how people will receive you. When you are in your therapy sessions, just being YOU, that is when you SHINE! Become as comfortable out in the world as you are on camera in your therapy sessions and you’re home free! Because it is there that you connect; it is there that you hone in to that direct line to God…do this daily. SHOW US THAT Jonathan ALL THE TIME for that is who we benefit most from in every way. From your clients down to your huge hair show audiences! You CAN do it! You ALREADY HAVE!
    Lisa Via, RDH
    PS By the way, have you thought about incorporating acupuncture into your recommendations for healthy, beautiful hair? There are acupuncture points and herbs that promote hair “integrity”, growth and vitality. If you should be interested and we can SERVE YOU please let us know!

  7. Ausblonde

    Love the show – want to try Dirt but I can’t purchase it in Australia and none of your American outlets appear to sell to Australia. Hey Jonathan what about looking after us.

  8. erika

    hi jonathan!
    i’m from Colombia, and i went to the USA for vacations. i bougth your products…………… and they are amazing!!……….bacause my hair is very thin i can never do weaves……..but with the volume thickening foam and dirt, i can do what ever i want and always looks great!!!……………………thank you!!

  9. Anderea

    I went to a Sephora and was recommended your products as I have natural hair and of mixed heritage and want moisture and luster as to my hair is always dry, was this a good choice? Can your products be used on all hair types??

  10. karina

    Im from Australia and was a hairdresser for 15 years and my Father was a Hairdresser as well through the 60s with Bee hives
    Quiffes and many wonderful old styles such as pin curls finger waves ect.
    I started my apprentiship in 1985 and went through all the style changes and lernt a lot of wonderful things
    do you teach your staff anything else except how to do the same old long hair style with the farrah flicks long hair is wonderful
    but honestly nearly everyone of the clients that leave your salons on TV has the same Hairstyle.
    Iif you were doing my hair I would expect you to colour cut and dry it not pass the job on to someone else like your to good to do it all.
    Even when I became a qualified senior after 4 hard years of solid training I never thought I was to good to wash a clients hair if I had time, being a STYLIST means you can do everything not just act like you can then get everyone else to do the dirty work for you to me you might be famous and act cool but you are not a personal person and have no real depth with your clients you are all buisness and show no warmth.Good luck if you ran a salon without your great staff backing you ALL the way you would have no buisness as they are the only warmth that is genuine.Thanks

  11. Ausblonde

    Jonathon I live in Australia and have just received my first pack of Dirt. Love it, had to have it, of course it cost a fortune but money well worth spent. When are you going to come visit us?

  12. Susanne

    Hey Jonathan.
    I love your tv-show:) Hope to see you in Denmark some day.
    Du er en super cool person, alt held og lykke fremover!

  13. toni

    hey i live in australia and i was just wondering if any stores in australia sell jonathan product?
    can you please let me know thanks
    ps if ur ever in aus and need a hair model im there! big fan

  14. Eliana serrao

    Hi Jonathan!! I´m from Venezuela South America, I love your tv show is just amazing!!! you have to come over someday!!! u´ll find a lots of natural new products! Kisses I´ll be at L.A Next Week!! I hope to see you there!!

  15. Anthony

    I was hoping to be able to introduce you to a niche market of 75,000+ Steinway piano owners. They spend a lot of money on a piano they usually do not use. I know we are interested in the same market. Email me back so I can get a direct line to you, so I can tell you more.

  16. tanya

    hey jonathan, im a 22 yr old hairdresser from sydney australia. i am a massive fan of your work and your show! you are an inspiration to all hairdressers world wide! im will be over in LA late aug this year and was just wondering if you do a days work experience or if you do courses? love to hear back from you.


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