Jonathan’s Hair Products

Search engines are really something else.. I just checked my stats and I found that I’ve had 16 people visit my site looking for.. of all things.. “Jonathan Hair Products”. Last I checked I didn’t have any.. I DO have a lot of hair though ;).

Among the other top referrers are.. “Anna Nalick”.. “Jonathan Beverly Hills”.. “Flame Text”.. and.. last but definitely not least, “Girls Gone Wold”.

Other interesting draws of traffic are:

miss wold 2005 – Hmm.. this is one of those ones where they must be obviously disappointed to find me. One look at my picture and they are clearly on the wrong site ;).

steps to becoming an entrepreneur – Ahh.. now ya know? That’s more like it. Not sure if they found what they were looking for but maybe that’s because I haven’t figured out all the steps myself yet ;).

economic strategy game villager – Ok.. this one lost me. The first two words, I could sorta relate too.. The last two? Naw, not working with me.. Anyone else figure this out?

taking things seriously – Hmm.. Well that’s something I’ve definitely done and said before. I wonder what they were looking for..

the story of the starfish – That’s one of my more recent posts ;). It was an awesome story I heard not long ago and just had to retell it.

jonathan hair blog – Hmm.. I really didn’t think this blog was about my hair. That’d be pretty sad ;). Perhaps they were looking for a guy with the last NAME of “hair”.. Wow, that’d be rough.

becoming an awesome girlfriend – Alright now.. last I checked I wasn’t an expert on becoming an awesome girlfriend. Certainly no one has ever told me that I’m an awesome girlfriend.. I sure hope nobody does :P.

vegeterianism – I wrote an essay on Vegetarianism once :). I am a vegetarian, incase you guys hadn’t guessed ;).

weird guy singing – Hey now.. come on. Just because I enjoy singing..

effects of sleeping long hours – Ok, this is one I’m definitely not familiar with. I do understand the effects of NOT sleeping long hours quite well though.. Perhaps Matt knows about this one ;)..

And finally, I get hits for good friends of mine, including:

josiah mackenzie
matt geri
adam gaynor
donna fox

And I do believe that’s that! The rest is just really weird ;).

How did you find my site? Yeah.. you ;).

Goodnight World!

-Jonathan Wold