Just Filling In The Blanks

I accomplished quite a lot today. Most significantly for me was dealing with a few things I’d been putting off for awhile. There are some things that ya just really don’t want to do. Well, I took care of them and although it wasn’t easy its good to get it out of the way :). I did some updates on Youthcove today and that was cool, fixed a few scripts and got things nice and neat.

Check this guy out!

I got him made for free over at The Dude Factory! Check it out and get your own ;). They make great MSN Display pictures.

I’m on the hunt for new blogs! Know any good ones? In particular, I’m looking for “entrepreneurial” blogs, but they can really be anything :). I’d love some suggestions!

Here are a few new ones I’ve found, check ’em out :).

Dave’s Blog – Mostly About Money
RJ Christensen’s Blog
Seth Godin’s Blog (Not a new one, but a good one!)

Alright, off to bed this crazy tired boy goes.. got some big stuff tomorrow :).

-Jonathan Wold

Highlight of my day:

Talking to my beautiful girlfriend :).