Last day with Amae

Wow, can’t believe its over! Today is the last full day Amae and I have spent working together. Tomorrow she’s heading off for Bali, and in about a week and a half I’ll be heading off for the Philippines!

Man, its been an incredible experience! I’ve learnt so much and I’ve had a LOT of awesome food ;). Oh yeah, and I’ve actually learnt to cook! Not a whole lot, but I’m getting there! I’ve made some mean dishes during my stay here and one reallly bad boy of a salad. Skillz I tell ya, skillz!

So today was one of my last full days working on the site. Its NEARLY done! I finished all of her hair galleries and did a bunch of restructuring and optimizing of the site’s general layout. Things are looking good, I’m happy and most importantly, Amae is very happy! She says she loves it :).

Wow, I’m exhausted.. can barely keep my eyes open..

Sunday is a big day, after rest tomorrow I’m up and at ’em full time with a few big web projects. Hey, its good stuff though, I improve each day and it pays the phone bills ;).

Well I’m really tired now.. like.. REALLY tired.. soo.. I’ve got a picture for you guys!

That’s my business card! Isn’t it beautiful? :) I needa make more before I head of for the Philippines. Eventually I’ll get some high quality gloss print cards.. but for now.. these guys sure are tough to beat :).

Goodnight world!

-Jonathan Wold

Highlight of my day:

Got my tickets to the Philippines today! YAY!! I’m set to GOO!!