Launching A Marketing Campaign

Well, Ted and I have decided to put a go on the project.. we’re going to be launching a full out marketing campaign from start to finish.. in one week :). Starting tomorrow I’ll be working on a template and then writing some drafts of the salesletter.

I’ll be walking through the process on Youthcove and sharing some of my insights back and forth over the next few days..

Its very exciting :).

In other news, I made a bunch of calls today and I’m slowly getting my next set of traveling lined up.. California, here I come! I’m leaving Oregon on the 10th of May, wow.. soo much to do!

Goodnight World! Time for some sleeep!

-Jonathan Wold

Experience of my day:

Accidently setting my “price per click” to 10 dollars instead of 10 cents on Google AdWords.. ouch.. expensive mistake and an expensive lesson learned.. alllways double check ;).