Marketing Campaign – Step Three

Woah.. what happened to one and two? Well, I’m already way ahead ;). Step one of a marketing campaign is choose your market.. once you’ve done that, choose your project. Now I’m choosing a way of reaching my market and I have chosen..

The Internet!..

..More specifically, I’m making a website and I’m driving traffic to that site through Pay-per-click Advertising and Affiliate Marketing.

More on all that fun stuff later.. first, we need to build the website!

Matt was a huge help to me today and pointed me around to a bunch of different resources. I found some good information on choosing sizes, fonts, colors, etc.. and I’ll be implimenting the stuff I’ve learned in the site I’m working on this week.

This is a great opportunity to get more first hand practice in marketing and though it may be more interesting to some of you than others I’m looking forward to sharing it anyway ;).

With that.. I’ve got some rather sad news..

Ted whooped me at Basketball..

..Its what I get for being overconfident :P. Not only did he beat me good, but he beat me 21 to 6! Next time, no boasting before the game and no smack talking unless you’re ready to back it UP ;). Series is now tied at 8-6.. He still has a chance ;).

Don’t ever count the old guys out!.. hehee..

Alright World, off to bed I go! Nighty Night!

-Jonathan Wold

Highlight of my day:

Had a great talk with a client of mine whom I’ve decided to keep working with for now :). Looking forward to helping her out!