Matt Geri

Now there’s an interesting blog title.. That title was sparked by a conversation between myself and my good friend and business partner, Matt Geri. You see, when you search for Matt Geri on, you find that his website is, as of this writing, number one for the term. Snugly wrapped into second place is my own little site,!

Well, Matt (Matt Geri) and I have been talking a lot about internet marketing and search engines lately and I decided to do a little test. Tonight will be testing to see if my website, rated a 5 in Google’s own Page Rank system, with an optimized title, will pass up Matt Geri’s website, which is rated a 4 but is entirely optimized for the term Matt Geri.

We’ll find out in a few days ; ).

Why just a few days? Well, that right there is one of the key advantage of having a site that’s constantly updated, like a blog. When you update a lot, the search engines visit a lot : ). They’re constantly checking for new content and once your website has proven its “credability” by having other websites from all around the world linking to you, your content becomes valuable. And just what’s so good about being considered “valuable” ? Well.. That value is what decides whether your website gets positioned above another in the search engine and how fast it gets there.

For a case in point, read my blog post a few days back about a certain dentist visit.. it even has the keyword dentist in it : ). Now, go do a search on google for the phrase and, unless things have changed, you’ll find that my website is number 1 for it and that took only a few days! That’s the power of having a website the searches engines decide is valuable and yet another reason why its worth your time to build one. If you can’t think of a way to monetize that.. well.. you needa stick around more and maybe some ideas will rub off on you ; ).

Alright guys.. Rough long day AND night yet I have no regrets.. Got to spend time talking with my awesome girlfriend and that’s something that always means a lot to me : ).

Goodnight World!