Meeting in Hangtown

Today has been a great day :). I was up and at ’em bright and early this morning.. well, 7 AM to be exact. Brian’s younger brother (I’m staying with the Carlton family right now) went skiing today and Brian and I got to take him to the ‘meeting point’ where some friends of his were waiting to take him up the mountain.

After that and a good deal of fun along the drive there, Brian dropped me off at my mom’s house. I spent the next couple of hours helping her load up the minivan so we could take stuff to the storage unit.

Now.. my mother is pregnant.. and she’s developed this thing where she is EXTREMELY sensitive to smell. Her very specific instructions were for me to not use any shampoo in my hair the day I came over. I didn’t.. and apparently that didn’t matter.. I still ‘stank’.. mmm.. my poor mom :P. So, what was going to be a one hour drive to the storage unit and back turned into mom dropping me off early once the car was loaded ‘cuz she wouldn’t be able to take the smell.

It was still good spending time with them and we were able to get a good deal done.. Mom then dropped me off in.. Hangtown.

For those of you who don’t yet know, Hangtown is another name for ‘Placerville’.. the town that has been my home on and off for several years. Placerville’s claim to fame was that the last official public hanging in the USA was done here.. What a claim to fame ;).

Anyways, I met up with a good friend of mine from last year, an older gentleman named Gene. We had a great talk over lunch at a small restaraunt named Gelatos. Catching up with him was really cool.. Gene is a brilliant guy and I really enjoy our talks together. He recommended a few books that I ‘need’ to read.. One was ‘Network’ byy.. well, I don’t remember who, but I’ll be looking it up. He also recommended a book entitled ‘Into Thin Air’..

Gene and I talked a lot about education, and most specifically about college. He said he’s been pleasantly surprised with how things have turned out for me so far. Though not quite what he would have suggested, he thinks I’ve done well so far with my choice of ‘getting out there’ for my alternative education. He shared that he feels the next good step for me is to get into a college and round myself off. Even if I do nothing else I should have a solid grounding in certain things because I never know when some of those seemingly unconnected things will come back and ‘connect’ for me.

He’s right. I’m just not sure its the right answer for me. I have been particularly interested in several entrepreneurial degrees and I plan to look further into them, but somehow college just isn’t doing it for me right now.

Anyways.. that ended that and I was home. Spent a few hours working on websites.. did a bit of work on and threw in some work on my web design site,

Finally towards the evening’s end I had a chance to catch up with my good friend Jessi Abela who, apparently, called me and left a few messages and I missed ’em! We’re going to hook up tomorrow before I head off on Wednesday and have some fun. I’m looking forward to that :). Then we’ll be getting home early and I’ll pack up..

Wednesday morning at 4:30, we’re off. LA, here I come!

Goodnight world :)

-Jonathan Wold

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