Message from the Philippines

Hey guys!

Just signed on through an internet cafe here in the Philippines. Its amazing here! I’ve only got a few minutes so I’m just letting you guys know that I arrived safely after over 30 hours of travel. I’ve been working my butt off and BOY am I tired! Its been an incredible experience and I can’t wait to tell you guys all about it when I get back.

Take Care and God Bless!

-Jonathan Wold

3 thoughts on “Message from the Philippines

  1. Anonymous

    YAY! Glad you are having fun! Can’t wait to hear about it! Make sure you take pictures, but I sure you are! :-P


  2. James Coombs

    Great to hear from you! Sounds like your having a productive time then. Hehe. Can’t wait to hear more about it either, when you get the chance at an internet cafe, or when you get back.

    – James


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