Monsterous Day – Testing Time Management

Today was monsterous.. I got a LOT done. Its 9:45 and I am feeling soo worn out. I tested a new time management system today to meet a challenge I’ve been having. I’ve been struggling with good ‘ole MSN Messenger.. That struggle being that I really like talking to people! I enjoy spending time with people, helping out where I can, and just talking. Challenge is that a lot of my projects really start missing my attention!

So today I gave a new system a shot.. I use the ‘boss protection’ shortcut, which is available on MSN Plus and ‘hide’ MSN Messenger for 45 minutes at a top. At the beginning of each hour I go into ‘hide’ mode.. work like crazy.. get a LOT done.. and then I open it back up. MSN stays logged on, so any messages I’ve picked up accumulate and are waiting for me on my return. Then, after 15 minutes, I go right back to it!

The result of this system is that 5 hours of my day absolutely FLEW by. I’d almost forgotten what it was like for me to be working uninterupted and entirely focused. I launched 3 new sites today.. yeah.. 3! went live.. I developed an RSS integration system, which is a way for me to manage news and updates across my entire network of sites from a central location (I’ll be writing a tutorial on how I did it).. and a few ‘behind-the-scenes’ sites went live today. They are still a bit ugly, so no public release on those yet ;).

I’ve been working hard on a ‘system’ for niche marketing. Over the past few days I’ve been focused on template development, with the goal of creating a system that eliminates the ‘work’ on the technical side and allows all the focus on a niche website to be on providing high quality content. Things have been going along really really well today.. I’m going to be working with my good friend Joshua Mitchener to develop some CSS templates for the system, which will take ALL the design elements and have them managed from a central location, allowing even more of the focus for each site to be on creating original content.

Its good stuff ;). is doing really well! In less than 2 weeks its already well indexed and getting a growing stream of traffic each day. Site earnings are low right now, but they’re there! The project has been going really well. The next step for the ‘mold blog’ is creating a plan for content writing. That’ll be an interesting challenge :). Blogging isn’t as easy as it looks ya know!

And on that.. its time for bedd! Tomorrow’s going to be a wild new day! I got a LOT done today and brought back an old practice of mine. Each time I ‘accomplish’ something, I pull up my notepad (or leave it on the second monitor) and take a quick note, writing out what I did. It makes a big difference at the end of the day to look back over what you accomplished. I got about 3 pages of text today :). Good stuff!

Goodnight World!

-Jonathan Wold