Moving on through April

Midnight strikes,
and I’m still awake.
Not long now,
and I just might break.

Its been another long day,
And I’m still behind.
I look up and smile,
As I watch the clock wind.

Another day down,
Still so much to do.
I smile out my window,
Just gotta get through.

Get through to tomorrow,
Despite the cold night.
It won’t last forever,
Then.. daylight.

Daylight’ll find me running,
Scrambling to go on.
And once again I’ll smile,
As I watch a new day.. dawn.

..hmmm.. think I’m really really tired ;). That was me half awake trying to get a bit back into my swing of writing.

I went out and watched Sin City this evening and uhh.. I shoulda known better :P. Its definitely NOT my type of movie and, despite the cool special effects, I would have rather not have seen it.. Ted enjoyed it, its just definitely NOT my thing.

We’ll see how tomorrow goes.. I’m beat.. trying to work through a bunch of stuff before I can get back to “normal”.. sheesh.. the life of an entrepreneur knows no rest.. I’ll let ya know how it goes :).

-Jonathan Wold