My first offer

Its been QUITE a long day. Late last night as I was falling asleep, I got the idea of putting together an information product and offering it up on the warrior forum, which is a forum for internet marketers. So this morning I decided that it was time to take some action and make it happen.

So.. I did!

It took a bit longer than I expected in proof reading, editing, and going over the offer till I was happy with it. Just a bit before noon though, it was all done and I posted it!

Its 10:30 and the offer still hasn’t been approved yet ;). It being my first offer I had a couple of things in it that the moderator pointed out to me in an email about a half hour ago. I’ve fixed them up, resubmitted my offer, and now we’ll see how it goes!

This offer is my first information product.. ever. There are a couple of non-information bonuses, but they’re just that, bonuses. The core of this product is high valued information.

I’m excited :). I took a break after submitting the offer and headed off to eat and take care of my laundry. That was MUCH needed and my dresser and closet is very greatful for the fresh supply of clean clothes.. and well.. I guess I am too ;).

Once I got home I got back to work on my offer, working on fulfillment. I’m really really happy with how it turned out and I feel very confident about the value. The ‘thankyou’ page is looking really snazzy and I’m very proud of the bonuses :).

And that’s jusst about that.. Wanna check it out? Below is the link which will be live as soon as the offer is approved.

Jonathan’s first information product

And with that.. I am exhausted beyond words this evening. I’m off to bed ‘fer now. Goodnight World! :)