My Niche Marketing Memberships

Just a few months ago I was introduced to the wonderful world of niche marketing membership sites. I was introduced, I got hooked, and I haven’t looked back since. I’m currently an active member of 9 different membership programs and always on the look for more ;).

So this morning, before I get started on my crazy day, let’s talk about some membership programs! First off, if I’m willing to be shelling out a few hundred each and every month, they’ve got to be worth it! As a serious niche marketer, the programs that I retain my memberships to have made a huge difference. Whether an article program, a website-a-month program, or even just an information program, each of my memberships have contributed towards my success as a niche marketer, especially over these past few months. Today I’ll be sharing overviews of some of my favorites and then.. it’s back to work! :) Ready? Let’s roll!

Ready Made Content – This article membership program belongs to my good friend Joel Osborne, and was the first membership program I joined! This one started it all : ). As a member of Joel’s program, I get 150 original articles, each month, for less than 20 cents a piece. I’ve bought hundreds of articles over the past few months, both in packs and individually written, and let me tell you.. 20 cents a piece is tough to beat ; ). Each month Joel takes suggestions from the members, has articles written in a number of excellent topics, and delivers them! You can’t ask for much more and at that price, even if you only used 5 of the articles, you’re getting more than your money’s worth!

– These guys wound up being the second membership site I joined! What makes them unique is that in addition to having articles each month, they deliver complete information product packages each month! That means that each and every month you’re delivered an information product that you can take, brand as your own, and resell! I don’t know if you’ve looked at the costs of product development lately and whether you have or not, I’ll guarantee that you can’t get a high quality good sized information product fully developed for less than 30 dollars, which is what they charge : ). In addition to that, they have a comprehensive database of articles and the option to submit your own articles and earn a free membership! Each month you submit an article that gets approved, your membership fee is waived. How cool is that?

Nicherama – These are probably one of the least well-known of my favorite memberships. Kevin Birch and Lou Roggio run Nicherama and for the absurdly low price of just $17 a month, you get a complete website-in-a-box. I’ve bought a few of these ‘types’ of memberships and Kevin and Lou’s is not only the one I’m happiest with and the one I’ve had the most success with, but also the cheapest! Each month they give you a complete website. Just a few minutes of quick changes, an upload, a couple links in, and its good to go! Just one of my websites through Nicherama has generated over $100 in the few short months I’ve had it up. Kevin and Lou are also extremely good with support which means a lot, especially to someone just getting started.

Alright! And that’s that! I am a member of a few other programs but one of them is sold out and the others.. well.. I need to look at them a bit more thoroughly before deciding whether or not to make any recommendations. These 3 are memberships that have made a big difference to me and my niche marketing experience over the past few months and are sites that I can recommend without any hesitations.

Have any memberships you recommend? Completely new to this whole memberships idea? I look forward to hearing from you! Drop me a comment or send me off an email : ). If you have a membership program to recommend, be sure to send me your affiliate link and.. a good explanation of why you recommend it. Drop me an email to jonathan(at)woldboys(dot)com.

Alright, off to a big day! All the best to you guys!