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  • It all started over breakfast just about 2 weeks ago. “Hey! We should sell this online!” We talked about it for a few moments and, already completely convinced as to the quality and “sweetness” of our potential product, we decided to give it a go. We brainstormed some ideas and did our research and, a… Read More »

  • In addition to all of the other crazy things I’ve got going on right now, I’m slowly working out the details on my next product launch. I’ve been putting a lot of hard work into planning and preparing for this one and it’s going to be really really good :). This will definitely be the… Read More »

  • Hey guys! So far so good :). The transition from Blogger to WordPress has been going well! There’s a bunch more cosmetive work and some ‘behind-the-scenes’ work to be done and I’ll be getting to that over the next couple of days ;). Blogger is an awesome publishing platform, especially for people just getting started.… Read More »

  • Just a few months ago I was introduced to the wonderful world of niche marketing membership sites. I was introduced, I got hooked, and I haven’t looked back since. I’m currently an active member of 9 different membership programs and always on the look for more ;). So this morning, before I get started on… Read More »