Myths and Lists ;)

Well its late at night and sadly I won’t get anywhere near my goal of bed by 9:30, however! It was completely worth it!

Today has been an incredible day for me! I have learned SOO much and I am completely excited about taking what I’ve learned and applying it too tomorrow.

Where shall we start..

Well! Lets start with Myths! Are you ready for this one? You sure? Alright, here we go..

Time management is a myth!

Be shocked. Be very shocked.. and before you are too shocked.. I just wanna throw in a pitch that I owe this discovery to one of my best friends, Matt Geri, who encouraged me, mannny times, to listen to audio mentioned on THIS youthcove message post.The audio goes into a lot of detail, as it should for an hour long, and explains some absolutely amazing things.. And then you’re kinda like, “Well duh.. that’s obvious”.. The sad thing is that there are things many people just MISS!

Alright, so to give you guys an idea of what we’re dealing with, I’ll explain that rather bold statement..

Time management is a myth.. stop everything you’re doing for just a moment. Don’t make a sound.. listen.. hear that? Time is leaving you.. Time is getting away.. and YOU can’t do a thing about it.. you can’t manage it.. so what’s left?

Action Management!


You CAN manage your actions.. the things that you do each and every day. So! The audio recording explains 7 INCREDIBLE tips that you can use each and every day to double your time off.. and they work.. I’m going to be sneaky and share two, just TWO, of them with you..

Here we go:

  1. Create a master to-do list – Oh my.. more lists? more to-DO lists? Yup.. now listen. When you wake up with your alarm clock in the morning.. did you intend to wake up just then? Did you suddenly think you would just wake up? No.. you prepared. You planned it out ahead of time. So, take this principle and apply it to your lists.. EACH night, before you go to bed, create tomorrow’s list. Never put more than 20 things.. write them down on a 5X7 index card or piece of paper. Then, as you accomplish each thing the next day, cross them off with a nice BIG red marker! It works ;).. At the end of the day, if anything is left over move it too tomorrow’s list.. and then CROSS EACH THING OFF.. then crumple it up and throw it away :).

  2. Block out daily prime time hours – I feel like I’m already giving too much away, but I’ll go ahead and throw in just a little bit about this POWERFUL tip.. Set aside 4-5 prime time hours each day.. This is time when you allow absolutely NO interuptions, WHATSOEVER. That means no email, no phone, no MSN, no nothing.. This is time where you focus completely on your tasks at hand and in particular, generating revenue. Allow absolutely NO distractions! This alone is one of the most powerful and productive things you can adopt..

Alright, enough.. the rest of the tips are JUST as powerful if not more so.. listen to that call ;).

Sooo! Moving on with my day!

I’m going to the Philippines!!

Its official! I was blessed with an incredible donation today which sealed my participation fees for my mission trip to the philippines! I am SOO excited! The individuals even offered to let me borrow a video camera so that I could make a documentary while I’m down there, which I am SERIOUSLY considering taking them up on!

So that was very very exciting, I can’t wait! March 17th baby :)!

On top of all that, I had a chance to talk with one of my best friends, Jessi Abela, this morning. She’s getting into web design and I am super excited for her! She’s a VERY talented musician and you guys will be hearing some of her music as she records it and gets it availible online.. Jessi is absolutely amazing! :) Check out her brand new blog!

OH yes, and I had an awesome interview with my good friend Mike, a fellow Youthcove member AND a real estate sales agent! At 19 years old he’s already kicking in the business and I can’t wait to see where he’s at within the next few months. He’s doing VERY well and you’ll be able to hear about him in the next issue of the Youthcove newsletter! ;) (Send me an email if you’d like to subscribe, I’ll be updating the site tomorrow with the subscription page)

And that’s just about that! Now I’m off to make my list for the evening and then get some sleep.. tomorrow is going to be a huge day!

Goodnight world :)

-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Step:

Read above ;).. Uhmm.. making Chili! YES! I MADE CHILI! .. *grins*