New Week and the Legend of 1900

Todays’ YC Team Meeting went really well :). We got a lot done in an hour! A handful of us YC members have been meeting each Sunday at noon for the past month and its really been paying off. We’ve been seeing a lot of positive growth in the community, which has been really encouraging. I’m looking forward to what we accomplish during this week!

This next week is gonna be a pretty big deal ;). I’ve got a handful of big projects to wrap up this week and another handful that require some strong movement forward. And through that all, I’m really putting a strong focus on balance.. I want to make sure that I set aside time for myself and for my loved ones this week. I want to make sure I set aside time to give back and share with others. I also want to make sure that through moving all these projects forward, I also give attention to my personal projects. It’s gonna be a challenging week.. and I’m excited :).

Speaking of challenges.. We’ve got an interesting YC Challenge this week!

This week’s challenge is to:

Hand write a letter to someone you know (or maybe don’t know?) and mail it out this week.

I haven’t figured out who I’m getting write to just yet ;). It’ll be good though!

And so, as I get ready for bed this evening, I’ve got a whole new week ahead of me.. and a big one! Who knows what I’ll be able to accomplish.. Who knows what challenges I’ll face. Who knows about the wonderful people I’ll be blessed to meet. I can’t wait :).

Oh yeah! While I was doing my accounting this evening, I made use of the lovely dual screen setup and watched “Legend of 1900”.. It was referred to me as a movie with a really good story and, since it had a realllly good piano player in it (and a Piano duel!) I was interested! Well, I watched it this evening and it was good.. I was disappointed by the excessive swearing which detracted from the experience for me. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it, especially the piano scenes! The end credits had an awesome song by Roger Waters called, “Lost Boys Calling”. Check it out when you get the chance!

And on that ‘note’.. *grins*.. I’m off for the evening! Oh wait! Just before I go.. There’s something you’ve gotta check out ;). Think back to the old days of console gaming, remember your favorites.. and check out this video!

You don’t hear something like that every day ;).

Goodnight World!

-Jonathan Wold