Not the best day :)

Today definitely wasn’t my best day.. and that’s alright. Didn’t catch much sleep last night and so I didn’t get started on my day till noon. I got start on Amae’s painting and I’ve been working on that all day long. Turns it I wasn’t quite following the direction she wanted, so I had to scrap a lot of it and start over. Hehe.. at least its better to find out now than later :).

..That compounded into a number of other things that just didn’t go well in my personal life and left me feeling kinda down.

I know I’ll be just fine and I’m looking forward to starting new tomorrow.. it just means that today isn’t a whole lot of fun :).

I’ve learned something through it all.

When you take on something big for someone, spend that extra time and make SURE that you know EXACTLY what they want before you get started. It can be annoying.. it can be time consuming.. but so can having to start something over ;).

That’s a lesson I’ve already learned, I suppose I just needed a reminder, hehe.

Alright, well that’s just about that my friends.. not much else to say tonight. Gonna do my best to get as much done tomorrow as I can.

Goodnight world!

-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Step:

Letting it go and moving on to tomorrow.