On The Road Again – Snowboarding In Tahoe!

Woww what a day! Happy New Year! I blinked and it’s already 3 days into 2006.. Time just keeps on flying by :).

Just two nights ago found me back home from a 5 day trip down to Tennessee for the Seventh-Day Adventist General Youth Conference in Chattanooga. WOW what an awesome event! I met a lot of awesome people, learned a lot of awesome things and was all and all, extremely blessed. On Sabbath I sang in the men’s choir! That was awesome! I didn’t know what I was doing at first but after being around a bunch of guys who knew it like it was nothing, I caught on! It was great! :)

And now.. It’s time to hit the road again!

I’ll be heading out at 3:50 AM this morning to catch the 4:20 bus to Chicago where I’ll be hopping on a plane for California! My good friend Sterling is going to be picking me up and I’ll be spending a few short days in Sacramento before picking up Matt Geri who’ll be arriving a few days later. From there, we’ll be heading up too..

Lake Tahoe!

Matt and I are going to be staying just a block away from the Heavenly Ski Resort! *grins*.. 2 Weeks of Snowboarding! Well, snowboarding and building empires.. we’re going to be working on some new products of ours, working out the details, and preparing for the rest of 2006.

Yeah, I know.. it IS a vacation.. and, the first week especially, it’s all about relaxing and having fun! *smiles*.. The whole internet entrepreneur stuff isss fun for us though.. ;).

We’ll be gone from the 6th to around the 22nd. When we get back.. *smiles again*.. they’ll be some exciting new things to share with you guys ;).

And with that.. I’m off to get a little bit of sleep! Hope you all had an AWESOME Holiday Season and are ready for an exciting new year :). 2006 is gonna be a big one my friends!

Take care, God bless, and talk with you soon!