One More Day in Lake Tahoe!

Hey guys! Just checking in on a BEAUTIFUL Thursday evening up in Lake Tahoe, California! After a crazy winter storm earlier in the week, things have cleared up and today it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Matt and I hit the slopes bright and early and stayed out till 30 minutes before the main lifts back to the base closed.

Today was AWESOME! Check out the picture!

Yeah, it’s amazing ; ). Matt and I did really well today, carving through the trees, nailing a few baby jumps, and eating up the powder! I got a nice kiss from the snow after a faceplant from a crazy jump.. couldn’t feel my face for a few minutes ;). Matt had a good laugh and, of course, sliced through the jump jusst fine. There’s always tomorrow!

And tomorrow will be our last day in Tahoe! My good friend Jessi is, weather permitting, heading up bright and early tomorrow for a run with Matt and I on Heavenly. Looking forward to it! After that we’ll be heading down to Sacramento to visit my good friends Sterling and Will, and then back off to Indiana on Sunday! There were a LOT of awesome people I didn’t get a chance to meet up with.. sorry guys :(. I’ll plan on spending more time in California next time!

And that’s just about that.. tonight is the last night of our ‘one week of niche goodness’. Matt and I have been putting together, selling, and delivering some AWESOME niche reports! It’s been a lot of fun! We’re writing the last report this evening and sending it out to our customers. We’ve got just a couple of copies left! If you’re interested in niche marketing, these are for you! :) – Head on over to my post on the Warrior Forum and check it out! Click here! :)

Alrighty! Off to finish the report and then get some food.. then.. sleep! Tomorrow’s gonna be awesome!

Have a great evening!

-Jonathan Wold