One Website Finished : )

Daang.. its 1 AM in the morning and I’m off to bed. Today I finished up one of my big website projects and I’m quite proud of it. There’s still some finishing touches and work explaining how everything is going to run.. and then its good to go!

The site is for the mission project I went on to the Philippines :). We had over 130 of us and on that last day, as much as we all wanted to share contact information, pictures, etc.. there was no time! So I spoke with the director and volunteered to make a website and, finally, here it is! I put up a discussion board and an interactive gallery.. the trick now will be putting up our 500+ photos from all over! Here’s a screen shot preview of the site! tomorrow will have to be an email morning ‘cuz I am soo behind. I’ve been doing very well with everything else though.. the fact that I started and finished a website in a day is a record, without a doubt :). I’m feeling much more productive and as a result, I’m getting more done :).

Tomorrow will be the launch of my second site, if all goes well :). Over the weekend I’ll be starting up a joint project that Ted and I are going to be working on, which I’m really looking forward too. We’ve got an excellent product to sell, so our goal will be to figure out the best way to do so : ).

Alright, this boy’s gonna get some ressttt.. lots to do tomorrow!

-Jonathan Wold

Daily Action Step:

Getting my Google Adsense and Adwords accounts activated and running my own first ad! I’ve had experience working with others and I’ve finally taken action and started my own! Its exciting! :)