One Year Anniversary

Today, exactly one year ago,, as it is now, was launched. I put a lot of work into that baby and its served me well. Now its time for a remodel ;). I got started early this afternoon and have been working on it throughout the day.

I’m liking it! Its a lot different designing something for myself and not for someone else. Its halfway inbetween being a ‘fun’ project and a real challenge, ‘cuz I’m implementing new things I’ve learned and some I haven’t yet.

The entire webpage is being built from the ground up with CSS, XHTML, and PHP.. Right now I’m finishing up the layout, then its time to code it together, and then add in all the content goodness. That’s gonna take awhile ;).

And with that, I’m working really hard to kick a nasty cold that’s not being very nice! I’m off to get some rest and let my body do its cold fighting thing.

Goodnight World!