• Going Solo

    Going Solo

    After 4 ½ years in the agency world I’m stepping out to start a company of one. These years have been amazing. I’ve had the privilege of working alongside some of my closest friends, people who I admire and respect deeply. And, in the midst of a number of what I consider “once in a… Read More »

  • 500 days of pushups

    Today is the 500th day in a row that I’ve completed at least a set (and nearly always 4 sets) of pushups. No exception, rain or shine, sick or healthy, on the ground, or in the air. When I started out I could barely do a single pushup. At my peak near the end of… Read More »

  • I’m on Day #9 of a new tiny habit, which I’m tracking as “Prepare tomorrow morning’s routine (set out clothes if needed, water, etc)”. Prompted by a few friends a few weeks back, I sped-read through a book called Miracle Morning and decided that it was time to give early mornings a try again. I’ve historically… Read More »

  • Choosing a Habit

    I’ve been asking for feedback on ways to make the first edition of Tiny Habits more useful. One suggestion I received was to write about the thought process behind choosing a habit. My original motivation for experimenting with habits back in 2017 was improving my health. I chose my first habit, pushups, because I believed… Read More »

  • Wold Family Currency

    I started an experiment with my kids recently that might inspire you with an idea for your own kids. I wrote Tiny Habits for my kids, to encourage them to form tiny habits of their own. This last weekend, I helped them each setup their first tiny habit: 5 minutes of cleaning. Once they’ve completed… Read More »