• The Danger of Congruence

    Congruence is a word that means agreement or harmony; compatibility. An organization with congruence “gets along” and is all “rowing the same direction”. What could be dangerous about that? On Ryan Holiday’s recommendation, I’ve been reading a book called Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World by David Epstein. (As an aside, I’m making… Read More »

  • I’ve been reading Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialist World over Christmas break. I’ve also been thinking about my experiments with Tiny Habits over the past 2 years. The opening chapters of Range talk about music, which I found especially interesting given my limited background as a musician and my recent foray into learning… Read More »

  • A TechCrunch headline recently caught my eye. The headline is a reference to Matt Mullenweg describing WordPress as an Operating System for the Web. I wrote about the idea of WordPress as an Operating System earlier this year in a piece on Ecosystem Plugins. I’ve been thinking about it more since then and with my… Read More »

  • A minute passes. I’m still standing in place, my mind wandering. I feel the cold water on my toes – I’ve gotten used to that by now. I’m not just not quite ready to step in. I know I will. I also know I can turn the water off (or to warm) and stop this… Read More »

  • The First Month

    It’s been a month since going solo. A lot has happened! I’ve learned lessons, worked through challenges, and celebrated wins. Time for a recap! Lessons Learned Several lessons stand out in this month’s experience: “Flow” is a state that can be consistently achieved My sweet spot is the contrast of a clear long-term mission against… Read More »