Pale Blue

Pale blue,
Her eyes shown white.
Dress of green,
Black by night.

Her tears fell soft,
Against the floor..
Her hands reached slow,
Against the door.

She pulled,
It opened.
Into the night she went..

Her tears fell faster,
As she ran.
Into the distance,
Her shadow long.
Into the night,
Where all is gone..

Gone like her love.
Frozen cold in mid day.
Gone like her dreams,
Tossed aside and away..

Gone like her memories,
Of her true love’s embrace.
Gone like her picture,
Of his once smiling face.

Now just a blur,
As she runs through the night..
Now just a vision..
Fading soft, out of sight.

Alone and afraid,
She stops and falls cold.
Lost in the shadows,
Spun out of control.

Then silence,
Tears slow.
Her heart beat again.
A voice,
A call..
Carried soft on the wind.

She sits,
Her eyes open,
And look to the night.
Then there, in the distance,
A soft glowing light.

It moves closer,
He calls,
His voice calm and slow..
She looks up and wonders,
To where should she go.

She hurts,
Yet she feels..
Still deep down, he’s there.
It burns,
Yet remembers..
That they both still care.

They care for each other,
Despite all the pain.
And there he’s forgiven,
She loves him again.

… Annd I felt like writing poetry again ;). This is a new type of poem for me, so be nice.. I really really enjoy writing, songs, short stories, and especially poetry.. I’m slowly getting back into it. There really isn’t much involved, I put about 20 minutes into writing that one, read over it once and it was done.. I start a poem with a thought, an idea.. in this case it was “pale blue”.. and it grows from there.

Anyways, today was a very very good day.. I’ve spent a TON of time working on Amae’s site and its paying off.. I’m throwing on the finishing touches now. Tomorrow I’ll be adding up some galleries, final content pages, and then it’ll be ready for some public scrutiny! I look forward to getting all your feedback :).

Have a wonderful evening!

-Jonathan Wold

Highlight of my day:

Talking to my girlfriend and finally getting the blog feed to integrate properly ;)