Portland, Oregon.. my new home!

Woww am I ever tired..

I’m moved in now and, though I’m still very very behind, things are calming down just a tiny bit!

Portland, Oregon is absolutely beautiful.. I’m staying up here with my new good friend, Ted Schneck. He’s an internet marketer who makes a living through his online businesses and I’m really excited about working with him. My first few days here, Ted has taken me and shown me a bunch of the local area and, wow.. I’m impressed. Oregon is an absolutely beautiful state!

Here’s a picture I grabbed during my brief tour of the local area:

Isn’t it beautiful? :). I got a bunch more pictures I’ll stick up later!

So I’ve got my own room, which I’ve finally unpacked into and things are nice and neatly organized. I’ve gotten rid of a LOT of my stuff and I’m proud to say things are finally starting to be easy to find. I’m getting good at this whole “packing up and moving” every few months. On the second day, Ted and I picked up a HUGE 21 inch monitor. We bought it through www.craigslist.com and got an awesome deal on it. Its MASSIVE! Its a joy to work on :). I also picked up a nice upgrade for my PC at fry’s.. I’m now running an incredible 1024 megabytes of RAM ;).

So! My trip to the Philippines.. *whistles*.. not really sure where to start, there’s SO much to talk about. Tonight I’ll just start with the general summary.. it was awesome! I think one of the biggest things I took from the experience was a deep appreciation for the things we take for granted here in the USA. Its so easy to take things for granted and not realize how truly priviledged we are. Many people in the Philippines make and survive on an average of $4 dollars a day.. That’s nearly impossible here in the states.

I also saw how kind the people of the Philippines are and.. something that really surprised me.. how much they like Americans. You could say it was ‘cuz of our money, but I saw a lot more than that. They actually liked having us there and they respected us. The kids are amazing.. very respectful, smart, and kind. The hygiene in the Philippines is horrible.. but we survived.

Alright, I’ll be writing more about it tomorrow.. my plan is to spread the story of my trip out over the next few days and work it in through my crazy schedule.. gosh.. I’ve got SO much stuff to do!

Anyways, its great to be back.. Even though I barely had time to think while I was gone with all we were doing, I missed you guys! I’m looking forward to catching up with everyone and getting things rolling again!

Have an awesome evening and God Bless!

-Jonathan Wold