Preparing for a wild weekend : )

Ted is heading off to New York bright and early in the morning and I’ll be home alone with Marty the dog for the next couple of days. I’m going to be launching two brand new websites over the weekend and I’m pretty excited about that ;).

Ted and I have been working hard on a bunch of marketing campaigns and we’re finally starting to see some of the results. 2 more weeks and our Taguchi test will be finished.. booyaa!

Today went very very well.. I got a lot of big things done that I’d been putting off. I made a lot of important phone calls, took care of a mass of emails, and even worked on my taxes! Yup, gotta love the taxes.. My mom’s been awesome though, walking me through the process and helping me figure things out. Thanks mom! Love you! :)

I’m looking forward to a very productive day tomorrow. I have some interviews to start working on and my two websites to get up and running.

Thought to consider: We’re almost at the end of this week.. Do you know what you’re going to be doing next week? Its so easy to fall into a ruitine that you fail to try something new.. you fail to seek out new experiences and as a result, you fail to learn. Each week brings up a whole new opportunity.. In one week, you could do something that could change the rest of your life. Perhaps its time to make some new contacts.. write some articles.. build a website.. join a public speaking class.. organize your bookmarks.. start drinking more water.. who knows ;). What big thing will you have accomplished by the end of next weekend?

Wishing you guys all an awesome evening!

Goodnight World!

-Jonathan Wold

Highlight of my day:

Playing basketball with Ted :). We’re both getting much muchh better and today’s game was very tough for both of us. Ted nearly pulled off the win but I snuck by at the end with my two freethrows.. 21 to 19. Come on Ted! Take things up a notch! *grins*.. I’m asking for trouble ;).

3 thoughts on “Preparing for a wild weekend : )

  1. Brian Watkins

    By the end of the week I will have moved out from home!! :) My living environment will finally be an asset and not a liability for me. From there I expect a lot of things to start changing for the better.

    Good point, Jonathan, about people getting in routines. More than routines are comfort zones, which can be more deadly. Like a routine would be someone getting up at 5am and going to a job they hate for 30 years. If their employer changed up their schedule then that person would more than likely adapt.

    A comfort zone would be that same person not wanting to change careers, even though they hate their job, because “it takes too much effort” or “I have a fear of failing.” Psychological comfort zones can sometimes be a lot more dangerous than routines! I think I see a lot of routines spawn from comfort zones.

    One huge goal I have in my life is to have a state of mind where I am not uncomfortable with ANYTHING. That is pretty extreme and hard to do when you really think about it but it would be very powerful! :)

    Brian Watkins

  2. H

    gosh, i sure hope people are drinking water.
    if you should add one thing to your routine next week it is DEFINATELY drinking more water!!!

  3. Jonathan Wold

    Wow, only a week left! Awesome Brian! :)

    ..hehe.. I’m actually quite good with water, I drink about 50 OZ of water a day.. I believe that’s above average, not sure if its enough though ;).



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