Preparing For My Next Launch

In addition to all of the other crazy things I’ve got going on right now, I’m slowly working out the details on my next product launch. I’ve been putting a lot of hard work into planning and preparing for this one and it’s going to be really really good :). This will definitely be the most expensive product I’ve ever produced and sold.. and it’ll be my first product with an affiliate program.. *grins*.. there’s a whole new wealth of experiences right there! I’m looking forward to sharing more with you guys as we get closer to the launch date. I’m working with some really talented people here and I suspect I’ll be working with even more as the product continues to shape up :).

In other news.. February is coming to a close soon! That’ll bring us already into the third month of 2006! That’s be bringing us close up on 25% of the way through the year. That’s crazy! It already feels like it’s been so much longer, time’s just been flying by! A few short months from now and I’m going to hit the big 20. Twenty years old.. wow.. I don’t feel that old sometimes ;).

Speaking of hitting the big 20, my good friend Matt will be leaving the teenage years just 7 days before me and he’s already shining bright. Matt’s latest product was absolutely insane.. He sold 3 complete websites for $1.. $1! That’s a really tough price to beat ;). Haven’t had a chance to check it out yet? Head on over to his blog, drop him a line, and ask him about it, he’ll fill you in. Be sure to tell him I sent you!

And finally as I wrap the evening up, I’ve got a small little announcement to sneak in here.. The buzz blog is now live! It’s still a big work in progress and it’s looking for more writers. I kicked off today’s news on a sad note with the passing away of Andreas Katsulas. My condolances to his fans, he had many of them. The buzz blog is a small experiment of mine and a way of keeping track of the latest news.. We’ll see how it develops.

And that’s just about that for the night! There’ll be more soon :). Have yourselves an awesome evening and I look forward, as always, to hearing from each and every one of you! God bless!