Quick Check in from North Carolina

Hey Guys!

Just a super quick message letting you all know that I’m alive and well :). I’ve just finished up a week in North Carolina and I’m hitting the road again tonight. Got to see a bunch of my old friends and it’s been awesome.

Spent a few minutes checking up on things and I’m really excited about getting back in action ’round the middle of June.

I’ll be turning 19 on the 9th, I’m looking forward to that! Woohoo! I feel like an old man!

Alright guys, off I go. Have an AWESOME new week!


3 thoughts on “Quick Check in from North Carolina

  1. Anonymous

    Hey Jonathan!

    I came across your website and I have a question. I noticed that in January, you saw your brother and noticed that he is not so little anymore. How do you feel? I thought I was tall at 6′, but my little brother shot past me to 6’5″. I hate it. Believe me it is worse than you can imagine. How old are your brothers? How tall are they now? How tall was your dad? What size shoe do they wear? I just wanted to welcome you to the shorter older brother club!


  2. Anonymous

    Hey Jonathan! Just saying hi :) you’re now officially almost an old man ;)! Talk to you later.


  3. Jonathan Wold

    Hey Gary!

    My brothers are 17 and 14. My middle brother, Joshua, is just past 6’2. The youngest, Josiah, is just underd 6’1 and is, without a doubt, going to be the tallest. My dad was 5’11 ;). The youngest wears a size 14.. I wear 11. That’s pretty sad when I can get “hand me downs” from my little brother.

    Hehe.. good to know I’m not the only one! Nice to meet ya Gary! :)



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