Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

1. Pay for the meal of the person behind you when when ordering at a drive through.

2. Open the phone book, pick a name, and send them something (movie tickets, thank you card, you are appreciated card, book, etc.) anonymously

3. Order someone a dessert anonymously at a restaurant and have the waiter wish them an awesome day.

4. Wash someone’s car as a surprise while they’re away.

5. Take flowers and visit a local retirement home and give them to a total stranger. Smile and say hi.. you only have to stay a minute and you’ll have made their day.

6. When you phone a business and the person who picks up the phone sounds happy, or has a nice voice, speaks clearly, and so on, compliment them about it. If they have been helpful in any way, tell them how much you appreciate their help. If they have gone out of their way to be helpful, ask their name and write a letter to the company, advising them what an asset that person is.

7. Walk around town randomly shaking people’s hands and wish them an awesome day. Try it in the rain as well :).

8. Leave a thankyou note for your mail carrier and thank them for their hard work.

9. Make lunch for your parents and clean up afterwards.

10. Comment on a random person’s blog and give them a note of encouragement.

Got a bunch of great ideas in here.. I haven’t done all of them, YET ;). A number of these are my own ideas, others are inspirations from friends :). These can really make someone’s day! Give it a shot!

Off to bed I go! Goodnight world! :)

-Jonathan Wold

Highlight of my day:

Spending the day with my incredible girlfriend and writing some poetry together :).