Ready for the big day!

I’m heading off to bed early tonight and getting up even earlier tomorrow. Around 11 AM my time I’ll be participating in the Youthcove Brainstorm Session. I’m expecting about 10 other fellow entrepreneurs from all over the world to be there and we’re going to have a great time. Youthcove hasn’t had a brainstorm session in several months, so we’re long overdue! I’m going to be announcing a couple of big things at the session so I’m looking forward to it :).

On top of that, I have some marketing materials to start going over and absorbing tomorrow. Ted and I are going to create a campaign for some products so I’m going to spend time getting to know the products myself.

Matt and I have some work to do on a project of ours tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to that :). We’re going to be doing some tests on affiliate marketing.. finding a niche, finding a product, creating sites to sell that product, and then driving traffic to buy the product. As we get the results, we’ll see if its worth persuing on a larger scale and if its worth bringing more people into the project. This kind of stuff is exciting to me and it gives me a chance to practice a lot of the marketing stuff that I’m learning and, of course, flows naturally with my entrepreneurial tendencies ; ).

Once the big stuff is out of the way, I’ll be doing sumore working on my own little project.. I’ll give you guys a peak into that soon! :)

Just wanna give a huge thanks to all the responses I’ve been getting for my newsletter on the site and on my blog (yeah, they’re two seperate ones).. Its been really encouraging and I’m looking forward to putting out some awesome stuff for you guys.

And with thaat.. I’m off to bed! Oh wait, I’ve got some pictures!

I got those while out walking the dog :). Can’t wait to get my digital rebel! *grins*..

Goodnight World!


Highlight of my day:

Being able to relax and just take things easy.. going for a walk and enjoying the sunset : )