Record Breaking Day!

I’m finally slowly down at the end of the day and I feel like I could pop. I’ve done so much stuff today, its insane. Started early this morning and I’ve been working nonstop for over 15 hours.. and now I can definitely feel it coming to get me :P.

Today was a really really good day.. I focused early and got a LOT of stuff done. Took care of a bunch of emails, updated client site after client site, did a bit of research, made some phone calls, and then I got working on Amae’s site.

..*blinks*.. wow am I worn out..

Well! I got a LOT done on Amae’s site today. Did a bunch of painting for her, added a bunch of new pages, worked on the mailing list, transferred the site over from the .net to the .com address, did a bunch of troubleshooting, and more.

I did have a couple of bummer things come up today, and I’m struggling with a bit of an overall feeling. Despit ALL the work I did today, despite the inhuman amount of things I accomplished, I STILL don’t feel like I’ve done enough! I know, its crazy.. and I’m just not feeling it! I feel like I should go another 5 hours.. and I know that it would STILL not satisfy me. So I’m stopping and resuming tomorrow. I know that I need my rest.

Its crazy though.. I go through this quite often.. An incredible day, and then, one or two things don’t go right at the end and I feel like I’ve been thrown off track. Its really annoying more than anything, ‘cuz I know I should be proud of what I’ve accomplished.

Well anyway, enough rambling.. got a tip I learned today I’d like to share with you guys :).

First, the story..

The Legend of Squeaky Door

There is this annoying little cupboard door out in the hallway from my room. Its down towards the floor, right about at your knee level, inside is a storage area full of stuff not being used. You have to pass it to get to the bathroom.

This door has an annoying habbit.. it likes to swing open and, despite your best efforts, never stay closed. You could walk past and not TOUCH it and it would open, its that sensitive. Then, as it opens, it lets out this louud and slightly un-melodious squeak, giving no care to what hour of the day it may be. 2 AM on your way to the bathroom you walk past Mr. Squeaky and he announces your intentions to the world. Its just not cool.

So we’ve had to live with that annoying little guy for a good few months now.. we just ignore it as best we can, walk carefully through the hallway so we don’t trip, and do our best to pretend its not a problem.

…Until today..

Amae and I stopped everything and finally decided to give it our attention. And here’s the magic..

…In ONE minute, we had it fixed!

Turns out the latch was loose and only needed to be tightened and the door would stay shut! We fixed it immediately and now, no more Mr. Squeaky! It only took ONE minute of our time! All we had to do was focus our energy on the challenge and solve it!

How many times have you just let something go ‘cuz its annoying but NOT important enough to really require your attention? And then you keep saying that.. day after day after day.. just letting it slide when all the while its at the back of your mind, eating away at you, slowly but surely, piece by piece.

Dramatic, I know.. but really! Take those annoying little things in your life and just FACE them! They’ll vanish like nothing and you’ll have peace! No more Mr. Squeaky :).

Goodnight World!

-Jonathan Wold

Highlight of my day!

I got my Passport in the mail!! I am good to GO! 2 weeks till the Philippines!!