Record Days and “Touch it Once”

Today was a record day for Ted and I.. we broke every advertising revenue record set since my arrival and all of his past records. It was an exciting day and we went out for Pizza to celebrate! Behold!

Take a wild guess.. Ted doesn’t like olives ; ). It was an awesome way to end an incredible day. Oh yeah, and to top that off.. Ted whooped me at a game of 21.. and boy.. I don’t think we’ve EVER played quite that hard before.. He’s got some serious skillz :P. Ah well, I can take a loss.. bring on tomorrow!

Today I successfully caught up on my ENTIRE back log of emails.. YES! : ). I’ve now adopted the “Touch it Once” system.. which means that the moment I open an email and read it, I deal with it. I either delete it, or reply. Its a very good and effective way to stay on top of things. The thing to be careful about, of course, is deciding to never open your emails ; ). I’ve found that a good idea is to set aside a block of time and just chomp through 20-30 of them at at time getting through as many as possible. If I find that one will take an extra amount of time, I may set it aside till last, always being very careful not to let it slip away.

And that’s that.. tomorrow I’m going to spend some time finishing up a couple of projects with Ted before starting on a new one.. also going to spend some time working on the Youthcove website AND working on a site of my own.

Bring on tomorrow! Goodnight World!

-Jonathan Wold

Highlight of my day:

Being a part of an incredible record breaking day :).