I took a moment today to look back at videos of my kids over the years. Jaiden is 11, Jensyn is 8, and I’ve recorded fantastic moments all the back to infancy (though, admittedly, more of Jaiden then Jensyn). It was great and I sent a few around to friends and family.

I showed up in a video or two and as I scrolled back I noticed how much younger I looked. Hearing myself talk in one of the oldest videos seemed like listening to someone else.

I had a conversation with my brother Joshua today and over the course of our chat we traced the history of our work together, back to our late teenager years and early twenties.

I also took a moment to re-read my first blog post entry today, which is over 16 years old now. (Sidenote: I love WordPress, it’s so fantastic to have a history on the Open Web, warts and all, that’s there and it’s mine).

One thing in particular that I know has changed, besides the beard, is I’ve become more accepting of myself. I’ve got a long track record of giving myself a hard time. You can see it in that first post and in quite a few others.

Not too long ago, I would have looked back with at least a degree of shame at my younger self in those videos and blog posts. So naive, so certain.

Books like Daring Greatly and The Four Agreements, conversations with my coach, and tools like Positive Intelligence have helped me see myself differently and, consequently, change how I see others.

As I look back, I’m grateful for who I’ve been at each step of the journey. Open, even as I’ve been uncertain, sincere, even when I’ve been misguided, and committed to learning and growing, especially when it’s been hard.

And I’m grateful for the folks who have accepted me for who I was, who I’ve always been, and who I am.

Here’s to reflecting and I look forward to reflecting again.