The Rich Jerk

“Congratulations! Apparently you do have a brain!”

..And so the $47 dollar eBook begins ;). I first read ‘The Rich Jerk‘ a little over 3 weeks ago. Since then, I’ve been putting off writing a review ‘cuz of traveling and a bunch of other projects I’ve been working on. No longer! This rather obnoxious, but still useful book has finally won a little bit of my attention ;). The title was the first thing that had me curious, how about you? We’ll start out with my summary..

The Rich Jerk is a no holds, no bars, fast and furious guide to making money online. Being a jerk, he doesn’t spend a whole lot of time doing any hand holding and instead whirls through the overstuffed 40 pages, cramming in chapter after chapter of strategy. He starts off by spending a few pages on affiliate programs, before jumping straight into the fine art of PPC (pay per click) traffic. After some trash talking and showing off some examples of stuff that’s worked well for him, he moves on to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and then product creation. After throwing in a few old ideas and a couple of new ones, he races on to buying and selling wholesale goods online. Then, a wrap up with websites that can ‘make money instantly’ and the final cram with chapter 7, which covers other online ventures you can consider.

Whew! And all that in 40 pages!

What I found most interesting was the section on PPC where he gives some rather clever and, in true Rich Jerk style, abnoxious yet affective tricks for writing good ads. I’ve played with a few of the ideas myself and, though a bit more ‘tame’ in my own practice, the ideas are very effective, nonetheless.

Is this book really any good?

The Rich Jerk is definitely not a ‘how-to’. It’s more of a springboard for launching your own ideas, using strategies that ‘the jerk’ has tested and proven to work. I’ve had a lot of first hand experience in internet marketing, so while many of these concepts were not new to me, the way he’d spin it, cutting straight to the vegetables and skipping all the fluff, helped me bring the ideas into focus.

The Rich Jerk is a great book for people with a lot of experience in internet marketing to get a few new ideas and bring to memory ideas they’ve forgotten. It’s also good for people just getting started, however.. a word of caution..

Do not expect The Rich Jerk to teach you everything!

Remember, its 40 pages and with 7 content chapters and a bonus resource chapter at the end, there’s no time for tutorials or walk throughs. He has a few mini ‘how-to’s scattered within but only a few. Once you’ve found an idea that you’re ready to work on, you’re gonna have to learn what you need to know to make it work! Or.. you can follow some of his advice and just pay someone else to do it for you ;).

Have an awesome day and I look forward to hearing from you! If you have any questions or have your OWN opinions of The Rich Jerk.. just let me know ;). I’m waiting for someone to write ‘The Nice Guy’.. hehehe..

-Jonathan Wold

P.S. What you just read here was a review, followed by an affiliate promotion. Mr. Rich Jerk covers some of the basic, yet very clever, ins and outs of selling affiliate products. You can get some powerful ideas on how to do this and a whole bunch of other stuff by snagging your copy of The Rich Jerk today!